A Garden is the Purest of Human Pleasures
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Pure Beauty Of Flowers

The most ornamental plants, cultivated in the open ground and the green-house are accurately represented in their natural colours.
Latin Name
English Name
Agrostemma Coronaria Rose Cockle or Rose Campion
Anemone Hepatica Hepatica
Aster Tenellus Bristly Leav'd Aster
Browallia Elata Browallia Tall
Cactus Flagelliformis Creeping Cereus
Convolvulus Tricolor Convolvulus Small or Bindweed
Coronilla Glauca Coronilla Sea Green
Crepis Barbata Bearded Crepis
Cyclamen Coum Round Leav'd Cyclamen
Cynoglossum Omphalodes Navel Wort Blue
Dianthus Chinensis China or Indian Pink
Dodecatheon Meadia Mead's Dodecatheon
Erica Herbacea Herbaceous Heath
Erythronium Dens Canis Dog's Tooth
Geranium Peltatum Ivy Leav'd Geranium
Geranium Reichardi Dwarf Geranium
Helleborus Hyemalis Winter Hellebore
Helleborus Niger Black Hellebore
Hemerocallis Flava Yellow Day Lily
Iris Persica Iris Persian
Iris Pumila Iris Dwarf
Mesembryanthemum Dolabriforme Fig Marigold or Hatchet Leav'd
Narcissus Minor Daffodil Lesser
Rudbeckia Purpurea Rudbeckia Purple
Cyclamen Coum
Narcissus Minor or Least Daffodil

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