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Anemone Hepatica

Anemone Hepatica
The Anemone Hepatica delights in a loamy soil, and in an eastern position where it may have only the morning sun. The single sorts are easily raised from seed; the double, increased by parting the roots, which ought to be done in March when they are in bloom. If you are parting them from roots, keep in mind that they should not be divided into very small heads.

The Anemone Hepatica flower soon after the winter Hellebore, and making their pride appear in winter, are the more welcome early guests.

This beautiful flower is usually found wild in its single state, with red, blue, and white flowers, in the woods and shady mountains of Sweden, Germany, and Italy; the red variety with double flowers is the one most commonly cultivated in our gardens; the double blue is also not unfrequent; the single white is less common; and the double white are very rare, yet they may exist spontaneously, but usually they are produced from seed. They are also some white variety with red threads or stamina.

NOTE: These plants, if often removed and parted, are apt to die, but left undisturbed for many years, they will thrive exceedingly, and become very large roots.

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