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Iris Pumila

Iris Pumila or Dwarf Iris
Iris Pumila or Dwarf Iris is a form of iris which is earliest to bloom. Usually it will start to blossom during March, April and May and during the latter month. 

All Irises have long stems and six-lobed flowers with three petals sagging downwards (actually large sepals in the same colour as the flower), and three standing upright. Some smaller iris species have all six lobes pointing straight outwards. Typical irises grow from a creeping rhizome, but some species, known as bulbous irises, have a bulb. 

The Iris Pumila grows wild in many parts of Hungary, affects open and hilly situations, and flowers in our gardens in the month of April. It is a very hardy plant, and will thrive in almost any soil or situation; is propagated by parting its roots in autumn.

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