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Aster Tenellus

Aster Tenellus
Aster Tenellus or Bristly Leav'd Aster is the flower from the Syngenesia Polygamia Superflua family. Most of the numerous species of this genus flower about Michaelmas, hence their vulgar name of Michaelmas-Daisy; a name exceptionable not only on account of its length, but from its being a compound word. Aster, though a Latin term, is now so generally received, that we shall make no apology for adopting it.

We are indebted to North-America for most of our Asters, but the present species is rather a scarce plant in this country, though not of modern introduction is a native of Africa, and, like a few others, requires in the winter the shelter of a greenhouse.

It is particularly distinguished by having very narrow leaves with short bristles on them, and by its blossoms drooping before they open.

It is a perennial, flowers in September and October, and may be propagated by slips or cuttings.

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