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Erica Herbacea

Erica Herbacea
Erica Herbacea, Herbaceous Heath is plant from Octandria Monogynia family.
Herbaceous Heath is the plant native of the Alps and mountainous parts of Germany, is particularly acceptable in our gardens. Its hardiness, early flowering and its blossoms are formed in the autumn, than continue of a pale green colour during the winter, and expand in the spring. 

Flowering starts as early as March, especially if kept in a green-house, or in a common hot-bed frame, which is the more usual practice.

It may be propagated by seeds or cuttings, the latter is the most ready way of increasing this and most of the other species of the genus. When the cuttings have struck root, they should be planted in a mixture of fresh loam and bog earth, either in the open border, under a wall, or in pots.

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