A Garden is the Purest of Human Pleasures
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Your Perfect Lawn
your perfect lawn
Hundreds of easy to follow ideas, tips and shortcuts to create the perfect lawn. This is the book that will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about creating the lawn of your dreams. Order Now
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Aero Grow - Aero Garden
Enjoy fresh greens at every meal no matter what the season. With AeroGrow's AeroGarden garden kit, it's easy to cultivate lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, edible flowers, and more in an energy efficient, organic based environment right in the kitchen. Plug kits for many kinds of plants are available. No dirt or natural light is needed, so even low light spaces are suitable. More...

Gardening Secrets

In the past it was the custom for gardeners to invest their labors and their achievements with a "trade secrets" mystery and secrecy which might well have discouraged any amateur from trespassing upon such difficult ground.
"Gardening secrets" in either flower or vegetable growing were acquired by the apprentice only through practice and observation, and in turn jealously guarded by him until passed on to some younger brother in the profession or to the family member. Now, all that has changed and you could from the beginning do very well, not as well as the experienced gardener, but get real and do not expect the impossible.

Like in any other trade or business, this garden business is a matter of common sense and the man, or the woman, who has learned by experience how to do a thing, whether it is learning the trade, cornering the market or growing vegetables, naturally does it better than the one who has not. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. So, if some things are not 100 per cent from beginning, don't be disappointed and stop trying. 

If you are going to take up gardening, you will have to work, and you will have a great many disappointments but also good results will come to you with more experience.

All information that we, or anyone else, could put between the two covers of a guide or book will not make a perfect gardener of you. The best experience must be learned through the practice, as well as from the printed page. But, after all, the greatest reward for all your efforts will be the work itself, not just the final product; and unless you love the gardening, or have a feeling that you will love it, probably the best way for you, is to stick to the grocer for your garden.

Companion Planting
- A Complete Guide to Growing Healthy Plants

By creating a healthy garden and lifestyle you will regain energy levels, help restore your immune system and give yourself and your family the best chance of living long, happy &  healthy lives.

Over countless centuries gardeners have been keen observers of nature, noticing how plants perform depending on their surroundings. When people discovered combinations that worked well or observed the relationship a particular plant had with certain insects, their experiences were passed on to the next generation. 

Laboratory research can now prove that certain plants contain insecticides. There are many proven examples of plants that benefit others, such as French Marigolds that can be used to clear the ground of nematodes. The nematodes are attracted to the roots of the Marigold where they are unable to breed. The next generation of nematodes are greatly reduced or eliminated. This is an effective method of protection for a crop susceptible to nematodes - such as tomatoes - especially if the Marigolds are planted heavily in an area a season before planting the desired crop. ORDER NOW!