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The Planting Table

The Planting Table is the next important system in the business of gardening, especially for the beginner. In it one can see at a glance all the details of the particular treatment each vegetable requires-- when to sow, how deep, how far apart the rows should be, etc. 

Take a quick look at:

We remember how many trips from garden to house to hunt through catalogues for just such information we made in our first two seasons of gardening. How much time, just at the very busiest season of the whole year, such a simple thing like planting table would have saved!

The Planting Table prepared for one's own use should show, besides the information given, the varieties of each vegetable which experience has proved best adapted to one's own needs.

The table shown in our example gives such a list; varieties which are for the most part standard favorites and all of which, with me, have proven reliable, productive and of good quality.

Other good sorts will be found described lather. Such a table should be mounted on cardboard and kept where it may readily be referred to at planting time.


# 1 In the vicinity of New York City. Each 100 miles north or south will make a difference of 5 to 7 days later or earlier.

# 2 Advice for sowing the seed: It will take three to six weeks before plants are ready. Hence the advantage of using the seed-bed. For instance, you can start your late cabbage about June 15th, to follow the first crop of peas, which should be cleared off by the 10th of July.

# 3 Distances given are those at which the growing _plants_ should stand, after thinning. Seed in drills should be sown several times as thick.

# 4 Best started in seed-bed, and afterward transplanted; but may be sown when wanted and afterward thinned to the best plants.